Frequently asked questions


What is the delivery time?

2-3 days for Italy, excluding islands
3-5 days to the islands, in Italy
5-10 days for Europe and rest of world

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is € 9,00 for Italy. Shipping to Italy is free for orders over € 100,00.

Shipping abroad is € 15.00.

Which countries do you ship to?

We can ship our products all over the world.


Which payment methods are accepted?


On every purchase on our website you can select the payment method.


What is the production time ?

To create the products you find on the website, 7/10 working days are required.
To create customized products, 10/15 working days are required.

What is the right collar height for my dog?

As far as dog safety is concerned, the higher the collar, the less discomfort it will give to the dog’s neck and throat. Increasing the height also increases the weight of the buckle, which must remain in compliance with the dog’s weight.Find out how to measure the ideal collar length with our Size Guide!

How do I measure the length of the collar?

Find out how to measure the ideal collar length with our Size Guide.
Check our Size Guide!.

How do I measure the raincoat?

As for the raincoat, the following measurements are required, as well as the circumference of the neck:

  • head circumference;
  • chest circumference;
  • length of the back from where the collar rests to the tail
How can I customize Isi&friends products?

Isi&friends products can be completely customized, starting from the colour of the leather and small parts to the embroidery. By choosing the customized product you can create, together with our designer, the product you have always wanted.

How can I customize the collar?

The collar can be customized as follows:

  • Colour of the leather
  • The colour of small metal components
  • design
  • height
  • length
How can I customize the leash?

The leash can be customized as follows:

  • Colour of the leather
  • The colour of small metal components
  • You can add embroidery or studs
  • Length (the standard is 100CM, but Isi&friends can produce it as you like: very short or very long)
What is the internal inscription?

Inside the collar you can embroider a phrase, a phone number, an inscription for you, for your dog, for your love.

Product care and maintenance

How can I clean the collar?

It is recommended to clean the collar with a simple cloth and cleansing milk.

Can I use the collar for walks by the sea and in the mountain?

Absolutely. Isi&friends products are super resistant and scratchproof. They can be easily cleaned with a cloth and cleansing milk. The small parts get damaged in contact with water and therefore it is not recommended to use them when the dog goes for a swim. For any repairs, please contact our Warranty and Repair Department.


What happens if one of the products I bought gets damaged?

Isi&friends offers owners worldwide, the possibility to ship old Isi&friends collars and leashes for adjustments or repair
This is a unique service that belongs to the culture of our business. Emanuela Mussa, founder of the brand, pursues the philosophy behind the products and pays great attention to customer needs.
As we say “sooner or later most of Isi&friends collars and leashes come back home”.

Is it possible to repair the product or replace part of it?

Isi&friends customer service is unique, and is able to renew, mend and modify its products. Our collars and leashes can be lengthened or shortened, the small parts and studs replaced and the leather regenerated. By contacting our Customer Service, you will evaluate the maintenance your product needs, taking into account that sometimes this process may be too expensive.